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Website ROI: How to Maximize Your Website Return on Investment

February 25, 2012

Website optimization is the process of designing web pages with an eye towards achieving a higher rank in the listings of the popular search engines. Carefully researched and placed keywords and phrases, well-written tags and text and an overall positive design are key components needed when optimizing a website.


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How To Hide Updates on LinkedIn and Unblock Them Later

December 22, 2011

Sometimes updates can be overwhelming, especially if you get bombarded with them from the same people. It’s easy enough to remain connected with these people while blocking all their status updates from your updates section in LinkedIn.


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As a Small Business Owner, What SEO Tricks Can I Do To Improve My Website Ranking

December 7, 2011

Most small business owners who have an online presence want to know how they can rank higher than their competitors in search engines.  After all, the higher a site ranks, the more visibility it gets which should result in more income for that company. Everyone wants to be first and that is why being first can sometimes be […]


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Internet Digital Marketing – Push vs Pull

December 31, 2010

Digital marketing employs digital advertising channels in order to promote brand names and reach the consumer effectively. The 4 most popular venues for digital marketing are cellular phones, the internet, radio, and television as well as other types of digital media. Currently, there are a number of digital marketing agencies that assist their clients in this area of internet and other marketing campaigns. Many people will often ask “what is the difference between digital and internet marketing?”


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Why a Good SEO Will Never Guarantee Number 1 Ranking on Google

December 3, 2010

A common question that an SEO will hear by a potential client is can you make my site #1 on Google? There are many ways that SEO companies answer this question but the simple fact is:

No one can guarantee #1 ranking on Google.


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What Is Search Engine Optimization?

November 12, 2010

Search engine optimization or SEO, is the process of getting a website to the top of a search for any combination of keywords that are relevant to the content on the website that is being optimized. Popular search engines including Google will rank websites high if good relevant content is found on that site but sometimes, that’s not enough.


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Facebook App for Android With a Few New Features

November 5, 2010

Facebook for Android app was recently updated with some nice added features including groups, places and optimized notifications.


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How to Stop Getting Updates From Certain Friends on Facebook

October 20, 2010

Some Facebook friends never post anything while others seem to post something every 10 minutes. This is all good but if your news feed is getting flooded by information that you would rather not read about, there is a solution and it’s very easy to implement.


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What happens when you take a break from your seo campaign

October 17, 2010

So you are working on a site and your SEO efforts are paying off. More and more people are getting to your site and business it good. So what do you do? You take a break from your SEO efforts to concentrate on other things that need attention. Although this might not be a bad thing if you step away from it for a few days, taking a 3 month hiatus from SEO will definitely hurt your campaign.


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With New York So Close, Why Optimize for New Jersey?

October 13, 2010

So you have a New Jersey business and want to get your small business website seen by thousands of people on the web. It is true that New York, especially NYC has many more people and chances are if you successfully get your site optimized for NY search, your visitor count will be greater. The real question is do you want a large quantity of visitors or a good quality of visitors viewing your site.


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