Internet Digital Marketing – Push vs Pull

Main/popular types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing employs digital advertising channels in order to promote brand names and reach the consumer effectively. The 4 most popular venues for digital marketing are cellular phones, the internet, radio, and television as well as other types of digital media. Currently, there are a number of digital marketing agencies that assist their clients in this area of internet and other marketing campaigns. Many people will often ask “what is the difference between digital and internet marketing?”

The most significant difference lies in the type of techniques which are currently being employed in the fields of digital and internet marketing. Internet marketing totally focuses on reaching consumers using the internet whereas digital marketing uses every channel available and never limits the advertising to the internet. Some of the media channels that are most commonly used in digital marketing include:

Cell phone text messages or SMS (Short Message Service)
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds
Outdoor digital displays

These are very common in both the digital and internet marketing sectors and you will find that many digital marketing agencies employ them.

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Push versus Pull techniques of digital marketing

Anytime you are discussing the concept of digital marketing and the techniques used, you will most likely here about the two primary strategies, namely the “Push” or the “Pull.” Here are the differences between the two strategies:

Pull digital marketing – the consumer visits the merchant’s source of information or website about specific products or services that they are searching for and put in a request for the information.

Push digital marketing – conversely, with push digital marketing, the consumer receives the information they are looking for by viewing advertisements (cell phone messages, RSS feeds, or SMS).

Additionally, there are advantages and disadvantages of both types of digital marketing which include:

Pull advantages include low technological requirements, no opt-in requirements, and there are no restrictions on the size of a file. Pull disadvantages includes little or no tracking of website visitors, more marketing requirements, and no personalization of messages to encourage website visitors to return.

Push advantages include detailed tracking of consumer preferences, high sales conversion rates, and personalized messages. Conversely, Push disadvantages include the ads being blocked, compliance with the Can Spam Act of 2003, delivery technology is required, and specific opt-in requirements.

Ask any successful internet marketer about Search Engine Optimization and they will tell you that SEO is the ultimate traffic generator for any website. SEO is the technique that many digital and internet marketing gurus have turned to using this in order to enhance their sales and attract more website traffic. The business market today, whether offline or online is highly competitive. However, where online businesses are concerned, the importance of using SEO content on webpages can never be over stressed. When you consider that website traffic is the lifeblood on the online business, the importance of SEO should be obvious.


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