What happens when you take a break from your seo campaign

So you are working on a site and your SEO efforts are paying off.  More and more people are getting to your site and business is good.  So what do you do? You take a break from your SEO efforts to concentrate on other things that need attention.  Although this might not be a bad thing if you step away from it for a few days, taking a 3 month hiatus from SEO will definitely hurt your campaign.

I did a little experiment and took a break from optimizing 1 of my New Jersey sites just to see what would happen.  Well, my visitor count drastically dropped for that particular website.  Many people think that once a website is on top, it will stay on top but that is far from the truth.  Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing job that needs constant attention.

Companies that pay for initial optimization and stop because their site drops know this very well.  They figure if their site is on top of the search engines, it will continue to stay there so it is a total waste of money paying the SEO company an ongoing monthy fee.  A few months later, they call back asking for service because their site is not doing as well as it used to.  Now that the site dropped, more effort is required to get it back up making the price greater.

It was a cool experiment and confirms that you need to nurture your website if you want to see it grow!


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