With New York So Close, Why Optimize for New Jersey?

So you have a New Jersey business and want to get your small business website seen by thousands of people on the web.  It is true that New York, especially NYC has many more people and chances are if you successfully get your site optimized for NY search, your visitor count will be greater.   The real question is do you want a large quantity of visitors or a good quality of visitors viewing your site.

What I like to focus on when optimizing websites is ROI which stands for return on investment.  It all comes down to how much money your business is generating.  There are sites out there with a page rank of 5 and are not making any money.  What a waste of time!  It is true that some websites were not created to make money but for the ones that are, it is wise to use strategic methods to get your site viewed by the right people (your potential customers).

I use Google Analytics to find out who is visiting my sites.  This tool will give you every piece of information needed to make wise SEO decisions based on what your client’s goals are.  If used correctly, this tool will help you find out how to get the right people to your site.

So back to the original question, with NY so close, why optimize for NJ search? Because your customers are in New Jersey, that’s why.  If you perform a service and a customer has to come out to see you, the distance between you and your customer is highly relevant.  Local SEO is your best bet when trying to optimize your service based business.


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